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Let yourself become the star of the show.

On today's read-up, we style the D'NOUR woman in classic elements and emotive design. Our ideal woman is one that takes inspiration from a modern sense of style while indulging in forever pieces with a timeless appeal. To add to the playful charm, stacking is a great way to add youthful fun.

Our recommendation would be to stack the plain gold Allusia bracelet with the simplistic Diamond Allusia bracelet. Along with the pendants from the mentioned selection of gold jewellery, a pair of cloud earrings would complete the look.

On a more sharp note, a clean ensemble could be paired with sleek gold and diamonds. The perfect harmony of the Moon inspired Celestia works well for a woman that is on the go, understated yet futuristic.

The Precia collection also works well for fun festive evening affairs, where she hosts or is being hosted followed by a lively evening that matches her aura and gentle charisma. A breezy ensemble that is made of earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets, and a myriad of options to choose from, the Precia selection presents a surprising yet refreshing young appeal to any evening wardrobe.

The countless options and fluidity gives our women a great catalog of premium jewellery that embraces the feminine and adorns in grace. With options galore, discover the right stack for you and let yourself become the star of the show.