Glorifying Women
by designing jewelry
About Women

A Woman’s emotion is like an ocean. Take a deep dive & you discover a treasure within. That is where D’NOUR draws its inspiration from. Her story, her journey, her feelings take shape here to form emotive pieces of beautiful jewels.

Celebrating Womanhood
by creating jewelry
For Women

Every jewel is created with a sprinkle of emotion For Women who love to be respected, who love to be appreciated, who love to be independent, who love to be strong, who love to be loved the way they are & more importantly who love themselves.


Celebrating femininity
by giving back
To Women

When everything is About Women & For Women then there has to be a way of giving back To Women. Giving back to make each & every woman feel proud of herself. Giving back to Enlight, Heal & Empower.



Love Creativity Integrity Passion Perseverance Empower


We put our heart in everything we do.


Sprinkling emotions in our work, Creatively.


Responsibly doing the right things.


Our passion helps us do things differently.


No matter how hard the journey is, we will strive harder.


Adorning some to empower many.