D’NOUR has joined forces with a social enterprise that empowers and upskills women in developing countries through training and work placements to create a collection for a cause. Inspired by the stories of women taking part in the Evolvin’ Women programme and aimed at the conscious consumer, the collection by the Dubai-based jewellery brand will help Evolvin’ Women, another homegrown concept, sponsor women to join a 27-month skill development placement. The scheme will surely create lasting positive change for the women’s lives, as well as those in their families and the wider community.

To raise awareness about the collaboration, the brand known for its Emirati-made luxury gold and diamond pieces is searching for encouraging and empowering stories about women supporting and empowering each other. The submissions, which will be shared on D’NOUR’s page, are intended for women to inspire each other and with more people sharing, women will feel they are not alone and can find the support they need to change their lives.


“We’re indebted to everyone that helps spread this message far and wide, so that these messages can inspire today’s women to make the change they need in their own lives and in the lives of other women,” Junaid Nour, D’NOUR CEO, said.

Nour added the responses have been promising, showing it’s possible to “look good, feel good and do good; all at the same time with the choices you make.” The CEO of the jewellery label that is sending all proceeds directly to Evolvin’ Women also said that as part of the new breed of companies that have a social conscience, it’s rewarding to see customers, followers and friends backing the moral spirit.


“We encourage everyone to share a story and if you’re so inspired, to buy a piece of this beautiful jewellery, so you can better express the woman you are inside and the sense of sisterhood we feel to one another, and to actively help give other people a real chance to make their lives better.” Assia Riccio, Evolvin’ Women CEO, said.

You can share your stories of empowerment with D’NOUR on social media or by clicking on Share Your Story button at