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Evolvin’ Women, a social enterprise dedicated to the advancement and skills development of women in developing countries, has announced a new partnership with D’NOUR DUBAI, an exclusive Online luxury jewellery brand that celebrates femininity through its creations and giving back to women around the world by supporting them in various professional fields.

The two-year partnership will see D’NOUR supporting women throughout Evolvin’ Women’s skills development program, which focuses on the advancement of women in the hospitality sector.

Three female Ghanaian participants from Evolvin’ Women’s program have already been selected and have completed a five-day professional training program, as well as a two-month online training program which focused on improving customer service skills, enhancing knowledge of the hospitality industry, and developing the skill set needed for administrative work.

Through the support of D’NOUR, the trainings conducted have helped the women secure full-time skills development placements in Dubai. D’NOUR will also host roundtable sessions in which the women enrolled in the program can network with the company’s various clients to support their professional development over the course of the program.

Partnering with a number of governments in developing countries, Evolvin’ Women works to identify specific areas with a high rate of female unemployment, where circumstances have prohibited their access to professional skills development and to full-time job opportunities. The company then works closely with the private sector in the UAE as an incubator for the women to progress and enhance their skills in the hospitality field, helping them find suitable jobs, and even start their own business ventures in their home countries.

Assia Riccio, Founder of Evolvin’ Women said: “Businesses that give back to women today are playing a significant role in the advancement of society. In line with this year’s Emirati Women’s Day celebration theme, “Preparing for the next 50 years: women are the support of the nation”, we cannot be more pleased to be working with businesses like D’NOUR; a partner that values the education and advancement of women. We are looking forward to collectively making strides for the women we work with, in order to ensure they have access to better employment opportunities for the betterment of their lives, families, communities and society at large.”

Junaid Nour, Co-Founder & CEO D’NOUR DUBAI said: “D’NOUR is all about women; we design jewellery that is inspired by women, their emotions, journeys & their stories. Giving being one of the most important attributes of women, D’NOUR celebrates femininity by strongly committing to the advancement of women in our society and this is reflected in our three key CSR pillars: Enlight, Heal and Empower. We are delighted to be partnering with a like-minded social enterprise, Evolvin’ Women and look forward to working towards enlightening and educating women so that they can be independent, stimulate positive change, find employment in the UAE, and thrive.”

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