Elements inspired by a mix of culture and exemplary values.

The United Arab Emirates stands rich in culture, traditions and values. The close-knit community of varied nationalities, languages and customs come together to bring diversity to the world stage.

In a country where women are given utmost regard and opportunities to stand tall, D’NOUR embodies the emotions of the nation to present to the world emotive pieces infused with elegance.

This unique mix inspires everything, it is only natural that as a luxury jewellery label, we bring that to our rich collections.- Being Said

But at the heart of it all, we embody a woman that is fearless, that doesn’t hold back on who she is, a woman of great strength and determination. Design concepts that center around the joys of womanhood are worth a peak when it hones powerful emotions.

With the term “rich” being used to describe the jewellery we create; we say rich in the sense that evokes a sense of belonging; and the experience of feeling the delicate intricacies of jewellery making. A stellar collection to be mentioned is the Precia Collection, an outstanding line of luxury jewellery made in appreciation for the women and all that they do. Clean lines, classic shine and a message that touches hearts bring together the ultimate pieces of art. D’NOUR, made for a lifetime of happiness.