Welcoming Nourish and Evolve

Our collections inspired by self love & self care, nature’s best design elements with Evolve’s robust charm.

After the long Allusia and Precia presence, we decided to bring in our collection of majestic design and meaningful messages. Nourish welcomes the concept of self love and self care, which women tend to forget in the grand scheme of things.

From living life and chasing their dreams to raising little ones, taking a break to relax and pamper ourselves becomes second priority. In all that chaos, a minute to remember that you’re loved and special makes all the difference. Nourish was crafted for you. For all your accomplishments and triumphs, Nourish is a reminder that every step of the way needs you to be cared for and happy to be mentally and emotionally healthy.

Nourish presents a design that incorporates elements of nature into the gold and diamonds, to shape itself in a silhouette that shows the leaves holding the diamond. The diamond is YOU, being held by the love and care you need to give yourself. The elegance and sophistication of the jewellery makes it a gorgeous piece that remains timeless and classic, with a message that screams modern charm.

We present to you Nourish, in full glory crafted to give you the self-love reminder we all need. Discover our selection of premium earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets from the collection, and tell us what your self-care routine is.

Evolve brings a perspective to fine jewellery that outshines the rest; the story of all our battles and coming out victorious. Every battle fought as we grow and learn from our lessons makes us as multifaceted as we are today.

From pushing careers and achieving the impossible to redefining yourselves to become the best versions of who you are, Evolve is the selection of jewellery that reflects you. The design elements of the Evolve collection comprises of three rounded coins of gold, with the last round embedded with a diamond. The three coins are textured differently to represent a phase of being polished like a diamond to finally shine bright like the diamond setting in the jewellery.

Evolve teaches us that every lesson comes at a time where we all need to learn and grow, while we watch ourselves bloom into the strong, feminine and sophisticated women that we are.

From Nourish’s exquisite intricacies to Evolve’s resilient confidence; take your pick from a selection of premium earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets.

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