It is that time of the year yet again. Celebrating all things love and romance with the person that is your constant and is the epitome of the cliché "love of your life".

Gestures could be exciting, grand, subtle or mellow; what matters most is the thought behind them. They come from the shared interest you two share, which brings the best of the two partners together.

Valentine's Day brings out the creativity in our partners. Roses, chocolates, perfumes, jewellery and dinner dates are the standard across the globe. But with the age of the internet where ideas pour out, getting creative is as easy as a click

If you're lucky, your partner's good at dropping hints, which might give you an idea of what she might expect. On the chance that she likes to be serenaded and surprised, thinking outside the box to make a core memory together is the way to go. Along with her flowers, boxes of chocolates and a little note from the heart, arranging a scavenger hunt to find jewellery would make the night interesting. For the child at heart, a trip to the amusement park or the local fairs/markets screams intimate and memorable.

Now that the couples have a day to themselves to showcase their love for each other, there is a bond just as, if not more, special. Girlfriends around the world have adopted the concept of Galentine's Day, where friendship is celebrated among women. Originally featured on the popular TV show Parks and Recreation in 2010, women celebrate Galentine's Day on the 13th of February to get together, share laughs and a meal with a thoughtful gift to each other.

This day reminds women of the power of their friendship, how they continue bringing strength in their unbreakable bonds and their wholesome femininity. There isn't a friendship as strong as a woman's, the shoulder to cry on and the best friend to make regrettable but fun memories with.

At D'NOUR, women are the centre of the brand and jewellery concepts. We believe our jewellery doesn't just limit itself to couples; this time, we would love for our jewellery to mean more. Celebrating friendships and the women that hold us up together are important to us, and what better day than Galentines Day?

With stunning pieces from the Precia and Moon collections, there is so much to discover for a woman that is more than just your best friend. It becomes a powerful reminder of the strength that your bond holds through the darkest and toughest times. Take your pick from our unique selection of gold and diamond jewellery today.