A run-through of the season's best trends to bring the fresh energy that we need.

D'NOUR takes pride in bringing some of the best of the jewellery space to our community.

And to help you stay ahead of the curve, we've scoured the upcoming trends to present a list of jewellery styles to look out for.

Jewellery is constantly changing and evolving. Each season comes with a new trend, making it important to stay up to date with what's popular and on-trend. Jewellery trends can be a reflection of the current cultural and social climate and can be used to express yourself and create a personal style. It is a great way to add a fresh and modern touch to any look.

Jewellery trends come in and phase out, so it's important to stay ahead of the curve and know what's in and what's out. One of the best ways to do this is to keep an eye on runway shows and fashion magazines, which will often feature the latest jewellery trends. Additionally, online stores and websites are a great way to get in on the news.

What to Look Out for in 2023?

With the start of the new year, here are 3 of the top trends that you should keep an eye out for:

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are a jewellery trend to look out for in 2023. Statement earrings can be a great way to stand out and add a touch of vibrance to any look. From oversized hoops to bold and colourful earrings, these are known to elevate any look.

Statement earrings can be styled with a casual everyday outfit to pack a punch or a more formal look.

Pro tip: Floral statement pieces are best paired with bohemian wardrobes, but for the bold and experimental, they are a great way to bring your personality to the world.

Floral/Garden Inspired

Floral and garden-inspired jewellery is the essence of 2023. From delicate floral earrings to colourful necklaces, floral jewellery can add a touch of romance and femininity to any look. They're a great way to add a hint of colour and detail to a more neutral base.

Floral jewellery is the right kind of jewellery that allows versatility with most options in your wardrobe. To keep the focus on the jewellery, opt for a simpler outfit and let the jewellery do the talking.

Florals don't have to translate to just flowers and leaves. Based on the season, nature-inspired jewellery comes in all kinds of quirky design details.


Minimalism has paved the way for luxurious designs with a clean aesthetic for years to come. The trend is all about keeping things elegant and simple. Minimalist jewellery is the perfect way to add a timeless touch to any personality. From simple studs to delicate chains, minimalism can be a great way to make a subtle statement.

Minimalist jewellery plays with classic metals and simplistic designs to create interesting visuals for the individual. The jewellery seamlessly meshes with your wardrobe, where you remain in the spotlight.

All 3 of the trends have been constant in the jewellery space and can be stacked and paired with each other to create a style that is unique to you. We believe in letting your creativity take centre stage and giving them a person.

The new year is a time of new beginnings, and D'NOUR presents a premium display of quality jewellery that comes from the Precia concept, Allusia concept and so much more. Dive in today, and become a part of the D'NOUR collective.