The story behind Precia: The Founder’s Vision

It starts with the ambition of the founder.

This week, we talk about the origins of Precia. The story isn’t as simple as sketching out a design with intricate details. The founder knew early on, each of his collections would be a reflection of his interpretation of appreciation.

The littlest details that made the cut in the design stage are the collection's highlights. Read on as we break down the details of the Precia selection of jewellery. The romance and grandeur of the Rose reflect the timeless appeal of the flower, with a unique personality that resonates with every woman, truly embodying the title of the best of premium jewellery in Dubai.

We start with the petals, where the message of gratitude is artfully hidden within the crafting of the jewellery. On carefully inspecting the piece, each petal is shaped to resemble petals and a deconstructed “thank you”. The founder explains that with his idea of what it is to appreciate women, he needed a concept that was both expressive and left a lasting impression.

With the rest of the design, simplicity is key, as it goes hand-in-hand with the grand details of the Rose. A big part of the design is balance, a metaphor for the balance

women bring to the world around them. It is safe to assume every element of the jewellery represents a facet of a woman.

With simple gold or gold and diamond high-end jewellery, the elegance remains classic. Each of the pieces is a great addition to your personal collection, to commemorate a special moment or to bring a big smile to brighten their day.

Bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings come in mini and original styles, complementing each other in their unique DNA. Discover premium jewellery to buy online at the comfort of your space, made to perfection. And on the occasion of us celebrating our fresh look and feel, we’re giving out 15% off on your first order with us. Use code FRST15 at checkout, and share what makes your day with D’NOUR. Follow us on our socials, be a part of our community and happy reading!

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