The story behind Allusia: The Founder’s Vision

What goes into designing the Allusia jewellery?

This week, in the spirit of Allusia’s message, we dive into the inspiration and idea behind the Allusia collection. The founder knew he needed to reflect the powers of passion, ambition and drive and how a woman’s love for them makes them unstoppable.

Like all his concepts, the founder knew this came from personal experiences. He watched all the women in his life dream for bigger, better things. At every stage in their personal growth, their ambition shifted to seeking success in areas that would have proven beneficial to themselves and the people they love. Allusia considered that and gave us jewellery that blatantly expressed the “Love” for our dreams. The design inspiration is the cloud, symbolizing the skies that house all the dreams. The skies are what we look to when we dream big and feel passion. The clouds are a reminder of the phrase '' the sky’s the limit”, which means following your dreams doesn’t have a roof.

While one of the designs features simple gold silhouettes, the other diamond-crusted variation is the extravagant cousin in the Allusia collection. Both design concepts are a great reminder of where your heart lies; in your drive. The word “Love” is seen in the simple gold variation as the outline of the word, the diamond variation has the word behind the jewellery. Allusia’s bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants are all a testament to you, in appreciation of a facet of you that makes you great.

Dive into Allusia, the collection that is inspired by you, inspired by what inspires you.

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Allusia Collection