Inspired and Styled: Evolve

Inspiration and Style guide with our Evolve collection

After our introduction to Evolve last week, we have a style guide based on the collections intricate design and “evolved” persona.

Evolve brings everything to the spotlight, from our beginnings, to our trials and finally to our successes. However big or small, where you are today is a testament to the work and sheer effort you have invested in yourself.

Evolve presents a design with depth; textured circles, diamonds and thoughtful concepts. The textured circles speak to the process of the trials that we face as women, through all our phases. From our personal battles to establishing ourselves in our own strength, we deal with each trial in grace and dive. Evolve is a culmination of all our collections, and finally celebrates everything we achieved.

The diamond is a representation of who we are or become after our story progresses through our toughest times. A diamond comes from an immeasurable amount of pressure to become the world’s most renowned gemstone. Evolve takes inspiration from the diamond and our stories to present to us a collection that compares us to diamonds.

Nothing dulls the sparkle of a diamond, similar to how we are in control of how we shine. And with Evolve, it poses as a reminder to never stop believing in your own abilities and powers. The world is ours to accomplish everything we dreamed of.

Our styling tip? Indulge in the intricacies of the Evolve collection make for great statement pieces with a simple casual outfit to elevate your look, or a great addition to your jewellery for special days.

Evolve presents 2 variations of the jewellery, static and fluid. The static jewellery is designed to keep the jewellery in place and keep the design classic. The fluid variation involves movement within elements of the jewellery that move with you. Dangling design elements represent freedom, and static jewellery represents structure, discipline and all the tools that help you reach success.

Discover the Evolve collection for everything that celebrates your journey. Indulge in jewellery that means more than just premium gold and diamonds, it means years of celebration and successes to come.

Evolve Collection