Our biggest strength is our emotions.

It all starts with great mindsets, healthy coping mechanisms and the tactics to navigate around such experiences.

In the spirit of International Women's Day, in our ongoing collaboration with Evolvin’ Women, we brought together the young, ambitious girls on the program to discuss the powers of Emotional Intelligence. In a world where emotions and self-actualization rarely allow room for healthy discussions, we gave Dr Toleen Barawi the stage to start a healthy discourse.

We received a positively humbling response to the event, with a small group of 18 women who voiced that they needed to attend to put their perspective to the test. The understanding of where emotions stem from, what could trigger different responses and how one could regulate them to benefit their long-term goals. The difference between a fixed and growth mindset came to light towards the end of the session, where distinctions were made. It showed the young women the power of allowing one's regulated emotions to become deciding factors in the major areas of their lives, personal or professional.

While conversing with Assia, the founder of Evolvin’ Women, some of the biggest issues women face across the board are based on racial differences and conflicts based on gender. It is a phenomenon faced by most individuals, hence coping becomes of utmost importance. The experiences mentioned by the founder and the girls themselves shed light on the remarks made, which affect the quality and comfort of the working environment.

This session allowed these women to accept their experiences and give them the resources to stand against microaggressions. A healthy and functioning work environment comes from bringing a healthy ecosystem to workplaces. Being supportive of growth, talents and skills, increases productivity and allows room for expression for individuals to put their best foot forward. That is a joint effort, and it all starts with great mindsets, healthy coping mechanisms and the tactics to navigate around such experiences.

Dr Toleen Barawi came equipped with a wealth of data and information that gave these women insight into how impactful our collective efforts could be in the future. The world we live in needs us to bring our warmth and humility to ensure a safe and healthy society for the generations ahead. It starts with us and world-class professionals like Dr Toleen Barawi, enriching and empowering lives one fantastic day at a time.

D'NOUR advocates for healthy outlets and expression, and we design jewellery that reflects exactly that. Our jewellery, the women we work with through Evolvin' Women, and our core values are paramount to our mission. And as we empower ourselves and our women, we wish them the best when they achieve success in their personal and professional lives.

In a fast-paced world, be the light that guides and the love that resonates.