What makes Precia integral to D’NOUR.

Dive into the Precia Rose, and feel inspired.

Behind the scenes, D’NOUR takes pride in taking the utmost care and commitment to designing jewellery that means more than just premium accessories. Precia went through an intensive process that reflects our founder’s vision and personal sentiment. He believed in jewellery being meaningful from the start, and he wanted the Precia Rose to remain a beautiful reminder of appreciation and celebration of womanhood.

The concept behind the Rose was to use the classic flower and add an element that speaks to the unique identity of the brand. Eventually, the idea of spelling out “Thank You” with the petals came about. Each of the petals spells out the phrase, readjusted to resemble the likeness of the Rose. As seen in the design breakdown, the signature Precia Rose comes together poetically.

All across Precia, the gold and diamonds retain the Rose as a crucial part of the collection. With being timeless and graceful, our signature has earned the top spot and rightfully so. Precia defines the brand’s core values and serves as a reminder that women are the crux of the world, with every nuance and facet that they embody. Through this design concept, balancing art and emotions through premium jewellery receives a spotlight like no other.

Gold jewellery is an investment, a piece you cherish and keep forever. It is handed down and honoured for years to come, and D’NOUR understands the importance of crafting jewellery that stands the test of time. Hence Precia and every other collection is designed to make you feel special, no matter the season or stage of your life. Each of the pieces resonate with us as being a part of a woman’s life while maintaining integrity and quality.

AThe Precia Rose does just that, bringing integrity, quality and memories. The Rose means just more than pretty delicate jewellery, it is a promise that honours women and a reminder that you are honoured and appreciated for everything that they are and will be.

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