The Design Process: Allusia Love

The context, the concept and the craftsmanship behind Allusia.

We’ve established the inspiration behind the collection, we are diving into the concept and design of the Allusia Love jewellery.

As seen with the collection's launch, Allusia’s cloud design is one of the unique details that make it stand out. It resembles the sky being the limit, and a woman’s head resting between the clouds are her dreams reflecting her ambition.

While the silhouette of the jewellery is unlike any other, the concept and messaging are a constant reminder of an age-old concept; women and their aspirations are at the heart of everything. At every phase in a woman’s life, all of her goals come from a place of creating a life of success and prosperity. All of their dreams are a part of what they stand for, and Allusia celebrates just that.

The jewellery in plain gold is shaped in the silhouette of the word “L-O-V-E”, while the clustered diamond jewellery pieces have “L-O-V-E” designed behind the stones. The “L-O-V-E” is for all the passion one feels to strive for more and achieve all that one dreams of. D’NOUR’s DNA comes from all the facets that make a woman. With Allusia, your dreams are celebrated in gold and diamonds, premium jewellery homegrown in Dubai. And there’s an Allusia piece for everybody, from minimal to bold.

Celebrate your passion, ambition and drive with us as we roll out with Allusia.

Allusia collections