Your style guide to the perfect stack or layers.

What do we have in common with this season? Florals, layers, stacks and fun!

We’ve made a comprehensive guide to layering or stacking our Precia pieces to help you navigate the jewellery that will have you shining this summer. And for the ladies that sport flora-inspired jewellery year round, this guide is your go-to to keep your stack/layers fresh every season.

Precia was designed to come in versatile designs to cater to a variety of tastes; from minimal to maximal. With original and mini versions of the jewellery, each piece creates depth and presents opportunities to layer the right jewellery for you.

Our layering tips will focus on the Precia choker and necklaces with the Precia pendants. The choker is designed to elegantly sit above your collarbone, adding a magical touch to your personal jewellery. Paired with a Precia pendant necklace, it creates depth and adds sophistication with premium jewellery. Our jewellery made in 18k gold and diamonds are lasting and sturdy for the Dubai weather, you don’t have to compromise on personal expression.

The pendant necklaces come in three variations- single, triple and quintuple which are 5 pendants. The endless options allow for every taste to express itself in signature D’NOUR style. As we move into stacking, the Precia rings and bracelets come in variations that make for great hero pieces that you can stack onto your everyday essentials.

The Precia Rose rings and bracelets come in original and mini sizes, which allows you to choose your focal piece. For those that want to bring the focus onto the Rose, the original Rose is a great size to have on your finger to pair with bands or dainty rings. The mini Rose adds a subtle touch to every ensemble that defines you. While the mini Rose doesn’t shy away from bringing the sparkle much like the original Rose, the Precia selection of premium jewellery is unlike any other.

The bracelets create a fantastic stack along with your cuffs and varied jewellery as the design is made to retain a delicate touch. The Rose stands out on the wrist for the perfect hero piece. The original and mini sizes are perfect additions to your personal collection, hence either option will work well.

Now that we’ve presented a breakdown of the Precia collection, our style guide is meant to create the perfect pairings for you. Premium gold jewellery with a story is what D’NOUR does best, offering the best diamond and gold jewellery in Dubai to cherish forever.