Ramadan Glam with D’NOUR

Take your pick from Precia to Allusia for a diamond packed evening

RRamadan Kareem from the D’NOUR team! We’ve been busy curating a stellar collection of our jewellery to bring shine into Iftar evenings. From family gatherings to hearty evenings with your friends, there’s a D’NOUR piece to have you shine.

While we reflect on our intentions, it is also a time to reflect on the blessings bestowed upon us. Ramadan is about healing in faith, and also about the little things that bring you and your loved ones happiness.

On that note, at D’NOUR, we present some of the best jewellery in Dubai. Our pieces are designed to bring wholesome intentions with the message within the design. Precia boasts a gorgeous detail within the petals of the signature Rose, a heartfelt “Thank You” that is timeless.

From an elegant yellow gold collection to diamond studded petals on the Precia’s gold petals, there’s a winner for every taste. Invest in a stand out Precia Rose for a striking statement at your Ifatar evenings.

We also present Allusia’s graceful design, jewellery made from the heavens. The Cloud holds a message inspired by the passion you hold with “Love”. Written within the clouds, the “Love” represents the passion and ambition you hold for your dreams, and is the perfect accessory to adorn yourself with. Allusia also boasts a range from elegant gold to diamond studded gold to match your personal style.

At a time where feeling and looking your best is essential to you, let D’NOUR be your personal stylist with your jewellery. Redefine your Ramadan wardrobe this time around and add your charm to the jewellery we craft in admiration of you.