Powerful Women, Ambitious Aspirations

Middle East’s most inspirational women on D’NOUR’s spotlight.

There are women across the globe who have changed the way we view the world. In their little or big ways, they have impacted the society they are a part of. Amongst the multitude of women, the Middle East has an army of women, standing tall and defying the order to make it big.

A crucial part of their journeys has been their desire to create an impact through their work, from starting a makeup brand to heading major banks. Through their vision, able direction and humble beginnings, they have made their mark and they stand tall.

According to Forbes, we present the Middle East’s most powerful women who chased their dreams. Just like what Allusia represents, these women had love and passion for everything they believed they could achieve, and have changed the landscape to what it is today.

In no particular order, we start the list off with Huda Kattan. Huda is the founder and CEO of Huda Beauty. She started off her career in the finance industry and realised her calling wasn't within the numbers and analytics of the finance markets. She found herself happy and enthusiastic about makeup, which eventually led to the start of the global makeup & skincare label Huda Beauty. Further diversifying the Kattan name, her sister Mona Kattan founded Kayali, a fragrance brand that stands glorious to other global perfume houses.

We dive into Sophie Doireau next, the CEO of Cartier Middle East, India, Africa and Turkey. With over 20 years worth of experience under her belt from working with various prestigious establishments, she led Cartier to the success that it sees in this part of the world. From placing Cartier at a UNESCO heritage site for a high-end jewellery exhibition to leading the brand into women empowerment programs, Sophie has been pivotal to Cartier’s standing in Asia. Through her, the Cartier Women’s Initiative has thus far supported 262 women and awarded 6.2 million USD to support their businesses.

Up next we have the chairwoman and founder of the Apparel Group of companies, Sima Ganwani Ved. With a robust portfolio of names under her guidance, they have branched out into 201- in 14 countries. Their community initiatives include the TOMS mental health grant, distributing 10,000 USD to 10 participating organisations in the spirit of World Mental Health Day. Other philanthropic endeavours include the Apparel Digital Learning Academy and the TOMS initiatives.

Finally, we have Aisha Bin Bishr, the vice chairwoman of the Emaar Development group in the Real Estate division. Previously leading the Smart City project in compliance with the UN and ITU, she headed the massive development to initiate Smart Dubai. Along with being a non-executive board member with Emaar Properties, a board member at the University of Wollongong and Arab Financial Services, Aisha spearheads her responsibilities with a vision and passion unmatched.

Allusia was conceptualised to celebrate women like these and the billions of you that do this and more for our reality. From creating safe spaces to learn and grow, to inspiring other women through support and initiatives, each of these women create an environment for women to succeed.

With Allusia, your passion to achieve and aim for the sky makes our jewellery meaningful. With our jewellery, we can hold hands and bring out the best in each other..

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