5 tips to integrate mindfulness with Nourish

Your guide to the calm that centers your mind and soul

The number 1 element to ensuring a healthy state of mind and body is mindfulness. It is a big part of taking care of how we navigate the world with our betterment as top priority. This year, if self care hasn't been at the top of your list, we encourage you to take on the vision that Nourish reflects and practice mindfulness with every step you take.

Here a few things to practice to keep your inner self at its best:

Live in the present, let go of the past and future: Getting carried away with what was and what will be is a natural thought process, but has never allowed for betterment to come in. Living the present is a state of mind that brings joy and ease to the mind that has to keep you nourished.

Meditate and get in touch with your senses: meditating is any activity that allows you to switch off from the active world around you, and be at peace in your own space. From journaling and yoga to guided meditation and an indulgent bath, meditating and giving yourself a refresh for your senses lets you feel your best self.

Feel every moment: from brushing your teeth to every interaction you have through the day, experience every second with a mindful approach. Feel the ground under you and the light that hits your skin, as each of these things bring a sense of fulfillment to your life every day.

An active effort to these steps brings together the concept behind Nourish, the collection inspired by self care and love. Each piece in the collection is a thoughtful work of art, in stunning gold and diamonds made to last a lifetime. Indulging in Nourish, one might argue, is also a form of self care. A reminder from yourself to yourself that you can look and feel beautiful within yourself and with D’NOUR. For earrings, diamond bangles, pendants and more, discover our collections today.