Love is Timeless

When adoration meets luxury for the ultimate Valentine’s gesture.

We’re bringing old school love to a new age romance, with jewellery that presents itself as the ultimate gift. Each collection signifies an emotion that exudes luxe craftsmanship to let you profess your love. A gift for the ages, as we would put it, is one that is thoughtful and a reflection of them. With D’NOUR’s timeless essentials, the perfect present is just a click away.

We’ve got a unique selection of jewellery from Precia’s signature Rose to Evolve’s symmetric design, with a meaning behind the jewellery that is versatile. Precia as a collection celebrates womanhood and femininity with the exquisite setting of diamonds and gold. Each Rose says “Thank You” through the petals, placed individually resembling each letter of the phrase. Allusia is a manifestation of every dream and ambition a woman holds for herself, and everything she aspires to be. Allusia features the word “Love” within the design of the collection, a representation of the love she has for her aspirations.

Nourish is a collection that is versatile, as the collection is inspired by self care and love. It would be the perfect gift for yourself, or for a special somebody that needs a reminder to take a minute and bask in her successes and to nurture her mind and soul. The collection’s nature infused elements give it a right balance of ageless modernity and fluid grace. Evolve represents the unbelievable strength and courage a woman harbours to face her challenges and come out victorious. The subtle finishes on each circle and a diamond are all in resemblance of a woman’s bravery to beat the odds.

Each collection holds meaning to every stage and emotion of a woman’s life, presenting the brand to be as multifaceted as womanhood. From being a loyal friend to a nurturing parent, she holds space for everyone around her.

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