Inspired and Styled: Nourish

The inspired style guide powered by Nourish.

We took on the gorgeous Nourish to introduce you to the power of self-care and self love. This week, we dive into the inspiration behind Nourish, with a bonus style guide to accessorise the collection to match your personal style.

Nourish infuses within the design nature’s nourishing and kind elements that bring love and care to everything around them and themselves. The leaves are a reminder to take a pause and take in everything that made you who you are. After all, you’ve achieved everything you have reached for and remembering to give yourself the space to love and care for yourself becomes just as important.

Self love and self care are crucial to your personal growth, they are parts of life that require careful attention and dedicated time to allow yourself to indulge in loving yourself. Self care and love come in so many ways; taking time to meditate, a relaxing bath, journaling, indulging in a comfort meal the options are endless. In today’s world, detoxing from social media is a great self care routine too!

However you choose to indulge in your routine, remember to do what’s best for your mental health and your heart, because you are your biggest and most important friend.

Your Nourish style guide will embody just the right amount of your personality, D’NOUR’s message to you and the importance of self love and self care.

The Leove collection brings beautiful jewellery in bangles, rings, earrings and pendants to let you shine in all your finest and most glowing moments.

In styles that are timeless classics, Leove embodies the simplicity and warmth of being your biggest supporter. The gold design in a bold band is a constant across the collection, with the addition of the leaves surrounding the diamond. The concept behind this is that the leaves represent what nurtures and elevates you, the diamond. Self care and self love are the leaves that ”nourish” your soul and make you the diamond that you are.

Our styling tip? This collection is versatile universally with a little edge and innovation in design. Nourish’s Leove is similar to the classic staples that we've known and loved for years, and it makes for a great generational investment as this style grows with the ages.

Stack the premium bangles and rings together for the quintessential modern day elegance.

Nourish means more than just jewellery, it is an expression of the power of loving yourself and indulging in self care that makes the difference. Indulge in Nourish, D’NOUR’s jewellery made to express you.

Nourish Collection