We put D’NOUR and Precia together as they come together in harmony.

We’re taking this moment to show you what Precia means to D’NOUR, and how big of a role it plays in our authenticity.

Precia is about appreciation, celebration and reverence of womanhood. It shines the spotlight on everything women strive for, achieve and make an impact.

Precia is an icon that represents D’NOUR and the message we put out into the world.

Premium jewellery with a message like ours if one of a kind. With gold and diamonds that mean more than just their aesthetic or investment value, it brings a sense of purpose.

Precia is exactly that, jewellery with a sense of purpose and greater good. Our community of women do so much more to propel the world forward, and bringing in the gratitude with the Rose becomes fitting.

The Precia Rose is delicate in its special touches, and resilient in design and message. The petals deconstructed form the word “Thank You”, which comes from the soul of the brand. The Rose has been a symbol of love and thankfulness for centuries, and D’NOUR’s twist to the jewellery elevates the design.

Our understanding of appreciation and gratitude soaks into Precia, our signature and the brand’s DNA. Precia defines our mission and vision and we believe ourselves to be the brand that brings meaningful jewellery to Dubai.

A selection of original and mini rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants give you options that fit your lifestyle and personal tastes. Each with the “Thank You” that holds a deeper meaning when you resonate with it. Here at D’NOUR, we are honoured to present to you jewellery that doesn’t compromise on concept, design or passion.

See something you like? Dive into the Precia collection today, happy shopping!

Precia collections