A glimpse into the inspiration and creative direction of the founder.

D’NOUR started from one place, the founder’s vision. He knew his ideals would translate well into jewellery, and his beliefs would emanate through the subtle details of the craft.

As the base concept of the jewellery stems from love and admiration, the design translates in the little details with phrases like thankyou and love you are sculpted on to the back of the jewellery creates depth, dimension and evokes emotion like no other.

The concept of women empowerment and bringing change for the women in today’s world through premium jewellery is art through movement and expression. - Founder Said

Jewellery is meant to be adorned to display a sense of individuality, to create a unique persona. The pieces at D’NOUR reflect the mosaics that women are, each one different and yet harmonious than the last. Each diamond stands as testament to what a woman means to our cause, and what she represents.

Classic shapes to extraordinary styles presented as gestures of affection, there’s a style for everyone that believes in what we believe in.