Fictional women that inspire us.

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Some of the biggest influences in this world have been pop culture. From movies to music, we have a little bit of everything that we relate to. This time, we’re looking at the top 5 fictional women that have paved the way for all of us to fight for what we aspire to be, and dream bigger than what we can imagine.

This list involves some of the major characters that have shown immense strength in their power packed careers, juggling their personal lives, self care and more. We hope that these women evoke in you the drive and love for your dreams, just as they have made us soar for the greatest.

We start the list off with Annalise Keating, a lawyer with a passion for bringing justice to those that have faced discrimination within the jurisdiction of her country. She plays the protagonist on the show “How To Get Away With Murder”, a popular series with twists and turns that would leave you on the edge. She is shown to have strength through the adversities she faces, along with keeping her career stable through it all.
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In the second position, we have Olivie Pope from another popular TV series “Scandal”. Similar to Annalise, Olivia’s life follows a line of twists and turns with matters of the heart, career and family. As she faces challenges with being a strong woman in her position, she embraces all the emotions that come with keeping her head held high. The show presents Olivia as “the fixer”, which ironically places her as the fixer of everyone around her and herself.
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Third on the list is somebody much younger than the rest of the women when she first starred on Stranger Things. Eleven has been an iconic young girl for the power she harnesses (literally) and for being the shield in between her and her loved ones. From warding off weird entities to trying to find her way through the American dream, Eleven tackles it all in her little hands. With her band of friends and her adoptive guardian, she brings passion and ambition to the show.
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The fourth member of this prestigious list is Samantha White from the Netflix hit “Dear White People”. A university student taking on her campus with a radio talk show, challenging people to rethink their beliefs and open their minds to the possibilities brings its own challenges. But that doesn’t stop Samantha from doing what she is passionate about and handling her trials head on. All the fun of being in a prestigious university and staying ahead of the social curve shows the best of Samantha.
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And finally, to finish the list off, we have Peggy Olson from the show “Mad Men”. Starting off as an assistant to a large advertising firm in ‘70s New York, Peggy makes her way up the ladder with determination, grit and intellect to become a copywriter. A career reserved for men back in the day, she introduced ideas that paved the way for numerous major brands to advertise to the masses. Peggy stands out on the show as the character with the most impactful and meaningful development and an inspiration to us all.
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That concludes our list of women that chased after everything they ever wanted and strived for greatness. These women made waves in the world that gave others hope to fight for every dream they saw, with the love and passion for their innermost aspirations.

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