The Evolvin’ Women Forum

A heartwarming moment for the women we support.

To celebrate their second year hosting the forum, D’NOUR was invited to The Evolvin’ Women Forum. The gathering celebrated accomplishments, shared inspiring success stories and featured a panel of individuals that are leading professionals in the field.

With an illustrious panel of HR heads and Vice Presidents of the partnering hotels and companies & influential individuals within the space, it felt surreal to meet the women behind the successes of the women with the Evolvin’ Women program. Some notable speakers were from Accenture, PwC and GSP Capital, a wealth management company.

Hosted on the 16th of November, held in partnership with DMCC, D’NOUR was invited as a part of the team that worked together with Evolvin Women to bring our mission to life. Our “Enlight, Heal, Empower” mission is our strongest pillar, and bringing our values to the real world to make an impact became a reality with Evolvin’ Women.

Our collaborative agreement with Evolvin’ Women helped achieve our goal, which was and always will be giving back to the community we design jewellery for. The vision saw success with the programmes facilitated by Evolvin’ Women, which makes them an important part of the D’NOUR brand.

D’NOUR showcased the Evolve collection to the panelists and audiences, designed in collaboration with Evolvin’ Women. Featuring design details that resemble the trials, challenges and triumphs of womanhood that is a universal experience, the attendees at the forum got a glimpse into the collection inspired by these powerful women, made for them to achieve their best. Evolve represents the women of the programme and beyond, with details that make the collection unique.

With talks from leaders of the field and activities, Evolvin’ Women sought to bring awareness to the power of uplifting women to provide equal opportunities. With the guidance to push themselves, further their careers, the women are encouraged to find independence as a fundamental part of the programme. Instilling confidence within the women that are a part of the Evolvin’ Women initiative came in the form of the awe-inspiring narratives and experiences shared by the panelists, giving us insight into what shaped these women.

Along with the panelists, Mariam Shaikh represented D’NOUR as the spokesperson, diving into the details of the brand and collection. As she spoke about our mission and our alignment with Assia, the founder of Evolvin’ Women, Mariam mapped out how we stand together to bring women to a position of excellence, giving the opportunity to stand tall and achieve successes beyond the barriers of their challenges. Evolvin’ Women and D’NOUR will continue to join hands and be a part of the change as the companies work together to inch closer to giving women the power to empower themselves and others around them.

Here at D’NOUR, we appreciate every little action taken towards bettering the lives of the very core of our existence, our women. And to quote our founder, Junaid Nour, “Thank you for making this world so beautiful”.