Rosey Dreams, D’NOUR’s Launch Dinner.

A gorgeous night with our influencers.

At D’NOUR, we pride ourselves on bringing the magic of handcrafted, vision driven jewellery to the world. And with our first launch event “Rosey Dreams”, we had the delightful opportunity to host our guests for a night of D’NOUR’s brand of luxury jewellery.

Our evening was met with gorgeous interiors, great photo ops and a selection of D’NOUR’s jewellery from all of our collections. Precia, Allusia, Nourish and Evolve were featured in various finishes ranging from white gold to rose gold.

As the influencers walked into our venue for the night, they were met with the collections in full display and glory, ready for them to experience and try on. As our team gave the influencers the story behind each collection, and the inspiration behind the design elements, our jewellery received positive feedback and admiration for the founder’s vision and inspired creativity.

The night featured a 3 course dinner, where the guests were presented with fortune cookies, a collection card that related to their ambition and an illustration of themselves. Along with getting to know the brand, the influencers had the opportunity to meet the founder and the brand director, Junaid Noor and Mariam Shaikh respectively and interact with the D’NOUR team.

Ending the night with a fun floral arrangement activity, the D’NOUR event was a success. Presenting the jewellery to our guests gave them an exclusive peek into the best of D’NOUR, from design to quality. D’NOUR’s selection of gold and diamonds in bracelets, earrings, rings and more are uniquely crafted, timeless and a piece of art that resonates with every stage of your life.

Discover all the collections featured at our Launch dinner and get yourself a D’NOUR signature today.