D’NOUR joins in on Breast Cancer Awareness month

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’ve had our piece to say. The drives, checks and pink ribbons come together to do one thing; bring awareness to the implications of breast cancer.

Breast cancer impacts men and women, predominantly women and causes unmeasurable pain to all those affected and their families. If gone undetected, cancer becomes the cause of most people’s change in lifestyles and physical health, leaving a devastating impact.

Early detection is key to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and sound. Simple steps like self examination and regular physical check ups help you pay close attention to your and your body. Family history is also a good indicator of any hereditary illnesses that could affect your physical health. Various lifestyle choices like smoking and unhealthy diets also trigger cancercells & medications that trigger cancer cells to grow are some of the reasons that could potentially trigger cancer cells.

When consulting with your physician, mention all of your lifestyle habits and medications to provide a clear picture of all the factors that could impact you.

Your health and safety makes the world a better place, for you and others. This October, get checked, get help and stay safe.

D’NOUR recognises the efforts carried out by various partnering establishments that have run drives through the U.A.E. to build awareness and we encourage you to take the opportunity to take care of yourselves.

D'NOUR's core vision is to give back, empowering women to prioritise self-care and health checks not just during this crucial time of the year but all year round!

Together, we shine in pink unity, spreading awareness, support, and love.