Diamonds... forever reflecting love.


forever reflecting love.

All About Diamonds


A diamond’s captivating journey starts with its natural occurrence followed by a process of creative artistry.

Natural Occurence

The artistry begins with a Natural occurrence deep under the earth’s mantle giving diamond it’s rough form under tremendous pressure over billions of years. During this process a diamond gets its natural Clarity and Color.



Clarity is the emergence of inclusions (internal features) and blemishes (surface distortion) in a diamond. Flawless diamonds are rare to find and are highly valued. A diamond is graded as “Flawless” only when it passes the tenfold (10X) magnification test. There are some trivial defects which are not seen by the unaided eye but reduce the value of the stone.


The Color refers to the natural body color of a diamond. Most diamonds exhibit slight hints of yellow and brown. This is caused by natural trace elements of nitrogen present in it right from the time of its formation under the Earth’s crust

The less color a diamond exhibits, the higher the rarity, and therefore the higher value. The dispersion of light creates an intense rainbow of colors, which makes it rare and the most valuable one.

Diamonds are graded on a scale from D to Z.

Creative Process

These treasured natural stones drift to the earth’s surface by deep rooted volcanic eruptions. Once a diamond is carried up to the earth’s surface, it is ready to undergo the Creative Process. During this phase, the rough diamonds go to the atelier, where experts nurture them to create exceptionally stunning pieces in various CARATS and CUTS .



The word "Carat" refers to a unit of weight measurement used exclusively for gems and diamonds, but does not determine its value. Smaller and better quality diamonds can be more expensive than a larger diamond with several flaws. A Carat is one fifth portion of a Gram (1ct. = 1/5gm or 1gm = 5cts.)


Cut is the assessment of a diamond’s various facets skillfully crafted by experts. It is truly a combination of precise location, shape and angle of each facet that gives a diamond its astonishing brilliance. The perfection of each cut transmits the light to create captivating scintillation.

Every natural diamond is beautiful. Creative Process only highlights & enhances its beauty. At D’NOUR we believe that diamonds, however flawed, can be cut, polished and set to create alluring pieces of beautiful jewels.