Woman and her emotions complement each other in many unique ways. She’s introduced to a new facet of her own charm & aura by every emotion that she endures.

D'NOUR recreates her journey through its collections. A journey where she rediscovers herself in ways only secret to her. Every collection is for her, to glorify her & to celebrate her unwavering persona.


Chasing dreams...

Inspired by the first phase of her life, the Allusia Collection embodies the innocence and spirit of a young woman who dares to dream. The collection envisions the go-getter in the woman of today who never ceases to be young, at heart.


Love & dreams, complete her

The artfully crafted Crescent Moon; a symbol of love, romance & new beginnings is at the heart of the Moon Collection. It conceptualizes the new phase of her life where she rediscovers herself as being the source of eternal love.

garden diamond jewelry collection logo

Love... & nothing else

The Garden Collection is inspired by the graceful epitome of motherly love, where love knows no boundaries. The collection is a stunning tribute to her with nature inspired design elements, celebrating her journey.

precia image

Adore you, Love you, Thank you.

Flaunting the passion that drives D'NOUR, the Precia Collection balances the expression of gratitude with its creative sensibility. Each uniquely sculpted piece honors her in signature D'NOUR artistry.

evolve diamond jewelry collections logo

A touch of hope

Inspired by Evolvin’ Women story, Evolve collection endures hope, courage, determination & passion. Made versatile for women of all tastes, the minimalist design expression of the collection concept embodies the power of instilling hope.